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Talking Points

For staff currently in ESA, having to cover telephones is still causing issues when trying to do the work the calls are about! All the time the employer is saying there are sufficient staff!

UC staff are extremely unhappy with the level of telephony being asked of them, and the answers given when asking why they are being expected to cover for more then 7.5 hours per week.

Some managers are under the impression ad-hoc scheduling means time not counted towards the total in a day or toward the weekly total.

Members need to remind them, as the DMO’s have confirmed today (30/05/18), the agreement is a national directive sent to TU, confirming 2 hours max on the first working day of the week, 1.5 each other day of the week, with a weekly max of 7.5. That is what staff are expected to cover.

If you raise the matter with your manager and told it’s a national directive, this is what they are referring to. If you want to volunteer to do more, you are entitled to do so though.