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“More like Tax Credits everyday” is being heard more often. Staff are feeling it’s Tax Credit call work with a taster of case work thrown in. And while TL’s are chasing teams to keep on top of payments and in-box messages, they are still chasing progressing through triggers as fast as you can!

How long before TL’s are on calls too, to help share meeting the business need by all!

DM’s are not very happy at the moment. It seems 3 current TL’s have been identified as under-performing, allegedly. Now, as one member mentioned, currently a number of AO staff have been issued with written warnings for not performing at the appropriate level, so you would expect that to happen to a TL if appropriate.

On this occasion, it seems instead of addressing any issues and supporting them in an improvement process to meet the requirements of the TL role, it’s been decided to trade them for 3 current DM’s!

DM’s were called together to be told 3 of their number either volunteer to change role, or 3 will be selected to take up the positions.

I feel sorry for all those affected if this is the case, as it’s no longer much of an anonymous process.

As one wag put it, “Seems to be the way to go! If you want a DM role rather than be a TL!”

*Update* Management have said this isn’t a move due to performance issues, rather it’s for career development.

This must be some comfort to those involved to know there aren’t any surprise performance issue actions hanging over them. It is a little confusing, as it is extremely unusual to throw someone out of their current role to create a “development opportunity” for someone else! Can staff now go looking for a role they want to gain experience in, regardless if it’s currently filled? Does it have to be in the same office, or is this department wide?

Sketch by Steve Vardy.

Signs haven’t been good recently for staff on UC where engagement is concerned. Despite guidance existing relating to time off, it seems we are going back to the days when a CCM would create their own version or interpretation, and to hell with everyone else.

Seems leave will now be based on your immediate team, how many are in, and who’s out. Guidance says it’s based on a site wide approach, but not for St Austell UC! Your ability to take time out will be based on the attendance of those you sit with, and from what seems to be coming from various teams, even if someone isn't scheduled in, i.e. RDO, term-time, part-time etc, this will be taken in to account! Will be interesting to see the PCS response to the signs of what appears to be another maverick manager.

It’s sad to think that staff numbers across Penhaligon House and Carlyon House have shrunk to allow all staff to be fitted within one site.

As with any change of this nature, their comes teething issues, and a requirement to make adjustments. For those staff arriving from Carlyon House, it will be a benefit to have a car parking facility, and an area staff can take breaks outside, away from the public. For those staff who smoke, there is an area outside, with a limited amount of shelter during wet weather too.

It was interesting to hear though, a former HMRC member has apparently tried to make an issue of people having the audacity to want to sit while they take a break, and smoke while doing so.

We’ve had a long-standing agreement that has worked extremely well till now, if someone wants to sit and eat, or simply sit at a bench without smokers, they would be expected not to sit beside someone smoking. There are 4 benches to choose from. Too, smokers would be expected not to sit at a bench and smoke where people are enjoying food. It worked! It was respected by all. So why would the senior manager attempt to change that (see the latest email) because 1 person has a personal issue with someone who smokes and complains about them?

Petty-mindedness can happen, but more is expected from management than penalising a group of staff for one person being so inclined.