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For members moving in to DWP from HMRC, especially those on what were known locally as Standard Contracts, there has been much confusion.

It would appear to many, despite the wording of the Employee Deal (ED) apparently being reasonably clear, their entitlement to retain their terms & conditions is being totally ignored as they are told they have to provide fixed points, for example.

The wording makes it clear if you don’t choose to accept the ED, you remain on your former T&C’s. So why are staff in this position being told they have to “fix” working patterns in breach of their HMRC T&C’s?  Why are they being refused the flexi rights under their carried over T&C’s?

The wording in the ED is -


This collective agreement does not apply to the following employees, who are accordingly not Relevant Employees and will not be affected by or benefit from the contractual changes or Pay Offers this collective agreement sets out:

A) Employees who are not currently employed on DWP terms and conditions because they previously transferred to DWP under TUPE or COSOP and have retained the terms and conditions of their previous employer. These employees will not be in scope for changes to terms and conditions and the pay deal set

out in this collective agreement and will retain their current terms and conditions and agreed pay arrangement.”

To most, this is not difficult to understand, or operate. There haven’t been any changes or updates that alter this part of the deal. Staff haven’t suddenly all moved over to DWP T&C’s.

The only way forward appears to be to raise the ongoing issues with local reps, and to contact PCS at the email address to let them know there are still issues that need resolving.

When is a T&C real?

Do you work for the love of it, or for the money?

I think most would say, even where they enjoy their job, it’s still for the money!

I heard some staff who moved over on tranche 4 talking, and it seems memories are long. One thing that stood out was the loss of money for end of year performance marking. It appears those in tranche 4 missed out on the same payments as the earlier tranche movers, by 1 day.

The misery of losing out on £500 or more was compounded when it was explained it was an oversight! And nothing would/could be done to rectify it. As they commented “so much for no disadvantage being in the later tranche!”

Who cares about money? FWHA!