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Information on this website may not reflect PCS policy. NEC Elections 2018

Support the PCS Pay Claim

We’re calling on all PCS members in the DWP, family, friends and supporters from across the UK to join us and thousands of others from across the trade union movement on the TUC’s march in London on 12 May to call for a 5% pay rise for all civil servants.

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DWP Breaks For All

Information on taking breaks at work.



PCS Briefing and annexe

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Campaigns & Events

Members will start to receive ballot papers through the post or, if you have provided PCS with a home email address, an email for the DWP Group elections from PCS@electoralreform over the next few days. Please use your vote to ensure that we have a strong, experienced leadership in PCS DWP for the year ahead.

If you don't receive your ballot papers or an email please contact a local rep.

As for the NEC Elections, I've listed those I would recommend below. No matter who you choose, please vote!

President (1 vote) - HEATHCOTE Fran.

Vice Presidents (4 votes) – CAVANAGH Martin, ROCHESTER Annette, WILKINSON Ian, WILLIAMS Katrine.

Assistant Secretaries (7 Votes) – BURKE Dave, GRANT Angela, HALL Sam, PAGE Mark, POPE Ian, THOMPSON George, SWAINSTON Steve.

Organiser (1 vote) – McDONOUGH Marie.

Journal Editor (1 vote) – WATTS Rachael.

Treasurer (1 vote) – CHILWAN Bash.

GEC Members (17 votes) – LAIDLAW Bev, NICHOLL Robin, EVANS Louise, GODRICH Janice, JOHAL Baljit, McCAFFERTY Kevin, McCLURE GRANT, McGACHEY Liz, McINALLY John, NAIRN Brian, OWENS Dave, REVELL Carol, RUDDICK Sian, SPENCER Sarah, WATKINS Carrie-Anne, WEST Steve, WHITING Kate.

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